I know what you're thinking..

."NOT ANOTHER WOMAN'S GROUP!"and I don't blame you.

We are constantly bombarded with offers to join religious groups, circles, cliques and clubs, asking for our partnership and financial support. And the more we pay, the more perks we are offered...VIP seating and parking, Inner Circle meetings, exclusive newsletters, members only luncheons, private cruises, etc. Then we pay even more horrendous amounts of money to get to and attend the conferences, then you know we have to buy the t-shirts! ​And why do we continually do this? Because we are hoping to find a blessing or a breakthrough in the midst of all the hoopla...but we instead, we settle for a couple of hours of an "emotional" high, some photos, and a few souvenirs. When we return to our "real lives" and have to face our "real problems" we find that those cute cliches and catchphrases that you jumped up and down screaming at the last function you attended... don't really ward off the devil. And that private membership you paid and arm and a leg for...well that won't ward off the devil either. The Pearls Society was created out of the need for a place of REAL UNADULTERATED MINISTRY. If you are tired of carrying (in secret) feelings of inadequacy, depression, loneliness, confusion, fear, and pain, if you are sick of hiding your hurts and pretending you are OK, if you are done  only  “appearing saved” but never actually living it. Then the Pearls Society is for you! Christ designed for us to live, John 10:10 tells us that He created us to experience awesome abundant lives, and The Pearls Society is here to help you do just that!​

Food  Fellowship & Fun


Our Pearls Chapters meet once a month (or more), preferably in a group of no more than 20, at a restaurant, cafe, or even someone’s home, it’s up to you. So even if you are not local, you can be apart of this phenomenal organization. The Pearls Society will mail out a PSB packet to your contact person . (The packet includes the study guide and activities for that months studies).

SITTING, TALKING, and EATING! What could be better? Nothing! Especially when the topics are Christ centered, the teaching is practical, and the fellowship is good. So start your chapter now!​

To start your own chapter or to receive more information on PSB or to book The Pearls Class, email me at: tericagizelle@gmail.com

The Pearls Class Rehab for the Spirit I believe inner healing is the key to having a productive Christian walk and this class is set as a place to repair your broken spirit. You are more apt to learn and grow in Christ when you aren’t constantly distracted by our own brokenness. So these eight lessons are designed  to set you free and help make you an effective, WHOLE, Holy woman of God.

The Approach ​&​ Mission​


The Pearls Society holds to a standard of  uncompromising truth (truth being the Word of God). Just what thus sayeth the Lord! Nothing added, nothing taken away.​

I believe that the best way to get passed these issues is through the love and support of  other Christians (in our case Christian sisters).

I know you’re thinking that we women are incapable of truly supporting each other. And the sad fact is, we really don’t do a good job of this. That’s why I take time to teach women how to support each other without judgment, coexist without jealousy, and use praise instead of pride.

There are so many stories we don’t know, so many testimonies untold, because we don’t operate out of love. I wouldn’t tell my story either if I thought it would be used against me, or just for gossip. This is why we need The Pearls Society, because we have got to get ourselves together as woman of God! And that’s just what we are going to do!