Rend Your Hearts

The study of Joel 20:13. Learning that our sinful remorse must be more that an outward "show". We must have a change of heart.

Set Apart

A study of true sanctification. What it means to live in this world but NOT be of it.

The Divine Pardon

It was His gift to us... does your life reflect your acceptance or rejection of it?

Identity Theft

Who are you? What do you allow to define you? Learn how to find you identity in Christ not in yourself, your past, other people,  or your current situation. 

Are You S.T.U.C.K.?

Understand what it means to be stuck, the sin of complacency and how to get out!

The Pearls Class

This 8 lesson course is Inner Healing 101. Get ready for an in depth, easy to understand, practical approach to your spiritual healing​.

Thy Kingdom Com​​e ​

Learn what a Kingdom is, how to Kingdoms work, and what it means to really let God's Kingdom reign in your life

On Your Mark...Get Set...Go ​

learn how to run this spiritual race effectively, find your place and position in the body of Christ, and examine the issues that are tripping you up.

  • Condemnation
  • Soul Ties
  • Religion vs Relationship
  • You are fully equipped​
  • True Transformation

and many many more...


If you are looking for a fancy banquet, VIP conference, or an exclusive luncheon to attend, then THESE CLASSES ARE NOT FOR YOU! This ministry is all about inner healing, spiritual development and understanding your personal responsibility in Christ.   It doesn't matter what you wear or what your title is, if you are tired of secretly dealing with your pain, tired of hiding your emotional scars, and you are ready to unpack your baggage…WELCOME!

THE WORD, it's what I stand on, and what I stand for!

My promise to you is that everything I speak and teach will come directly from The Word of God and be for your spiritual development and growth. I offer classes that provide Word-based answers for  today's World-based problems. I believe in teaching personal "spiritual" responsibility, because no matter how religious you are, YOU MUST continually develop your personal walk in Christ.


If you would like to book a class or workshop, please go to contact page and fill out the booking form.To ensure that your event or service goes as planned, it is vitally important that you communicate your expectations, wants, and needs. This will ensure that your specific program requirements are met.



THERE IS NO SET FEE!  All classes and workshops are offered free of charge! If you are not local, all we ask is that you cover any travel expenses. (Travel expenses include all ordinary travel costs such as airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, tolls, meals, etc.)  It is also your responsibility to make sure all the arrangements including; facility charges (if applicable), equipment set up (i.e. microphones, podiums, projectors, screens, or chairs), and all correspondence with venders is taken care of. Thank you!