WHY 30 MINUTES LATER? When asked to explain the nature or topic of this Stage Play, I am often met with the same response, “Ooh no I don’t want to think about being left here!” or “That’s scary, I don’t know if I want to see that.” I quickly realized that this was not a popular subject. Not many people want to deal with possibility of being left behind. But I believe it is necessary for the salvation of our souls, that we explore the issues and actions that can and will keep us from entering the kingdom of heaven. God has the final say on where we will spend our eternal life, and we must reverence and respectfully fear the consequences if we don’t live according to His Word. We can no longer expect God’s blessings without His requirements.  It’s time to raise the question to all saints… “When God returns for His children, will you still be here?”

ABOUT: This emotionally charged and in depth production places you in a series of interviews Thirty Minutes after the rapture has taken place. These narratives share a realistic perspective of those who were left behind. With creative staging and audio visual effects to help “bring home” this serious message, this production is sure to make you cry, laugh, think, and most of all ask yourself..."Will I still be here?"​

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